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Healthcare Consulting

Healthcare consultants are management and technical analysts employed by the healthcare industry. They examine the efficiency, profits, solutions, support and structure of the organization, then offer suggestions on methods of improvement. The team is well experienced who were part of healthcare industry and technologies that would help the healthcare networks improving their efficiency at every level in terms of patient services, technical infrastructure and resources on delivery outcomes.

Healthcare consultant

A healthcare consultant acts as an analyst, learning about a healthcare-related organization's operations in order to improve efficiencies. One of the big roles a consultant plays in any industry is to help an organization identify ways to reduce costs and increase revenue.

Healthcare Technology

We solve your IT challenges. Edgesof's Healthcare Technology Consulting Service brings together deep healthcare domain knowledge, process expertise and cutting-edge technology skills to help organizations address some of their most critical business and technology challenges

Healthcare Domain

Edgesof's Healthcare Technology Consulting Service brings together deep healthcare domain knowledge, process expertise and cutting-edge technology skills to help organizations address some of their most critical business and technology challenges.

Array of Technology

Edgesof focuses on providing an array of technology consulting support across product management, regulatory and product compliance, technology selection, data monetization, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT), big data and BI/analytics to help clients enhance their technology solutions and clinical data assets.

Business Needs

EdgesOf consulting approach includes well-established methodologies and identified best practices to rapidly assess your context and arrive at answers accurately. With professionals from diverse areas of healthcare, technology and consulting, we bring deep industry knowledge and insights for clients’ unique business needs.

EdgesOf Healthcare Technology Practice

Watch how EdgesOf's Healthcare Software Engineering teams give healthcare IT companies the right mix of healthcare domain experience, and the ability to form highly scalable teams, to help address their most critical engineering challenges—quickly and cost effectively.

A modular, configurable and scalable data integration platform on actual and feasible way based on the client that meets key healthcare organizations key requirements around data acquisition, data processing, data governance, data security and advanced analytics.

How we deliver?

Having the solutions expertise, we would always collect the information from the clients what is actually the "pain areas" and address with professionalism and expertise team we have

Pain Areas

  • Integrate and resolve the issues on integrations and interoperable issues
  • Identify and address with understanding and support of the technical and management teams and solutions
  • Timely support and for client services eHealth & Telehealth
  • Bring cost effective virtual healthcare services to the rural doorstep
  • Provides capable team in identifying, deploying and implementing the desired solutions
  • Building viable and affordable solutions for all healthcare applications

Our focused Areas

  • Healthcare IT Audits
  • Healthcare Consultancies on Technologies, Devices and Integrations
  • HIS/HIMS Solutions for scalability, reliability, longevity, cost effective and effective implementation – onsite and offsite
  • Public Health and Networked solutions for quality delivery and sustainability
  • TeleICU/Virtual ICU/eICU models and integrations with HIS/HIMS
  • Training and development of innovative eHealth & Telehealth applications

What we Offer

EdgesOf provides unmatched solutions and services which are essential for the optimization of digital transformation initiatives while assuring critical service performance to the healthcare industry. It strives to empower health care organizations to safeguard critical health care services and deliver high-quality patient care while simultaneously optimizing its digital value chain. This helps patients to have better access to quality doctors and quicker wellness.

EdgesOf realizes that to deliver continued improvements to the world’s health, healthcare will need to be transformed, with digital playing a central role. Based on our in-depth knowledge and best practices, we use technology to transform care. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Providing rich user experience through a simple, easy-to-use app.
  • Improving communication among physicians and patients.
  • High-scalable solutions to support thousands of users.
  • Assuring the highest quality user and patient experience.
  • Reducing time spent resolving service problems.
  • Improving ROI with savings, potentially in millions.

Healthtech Center of Excellence

EdgesOf Healthtech Center of Excellence brings forth digital experts and solutions that provide significant benefits derived from digital transformation while adopting new technologies which help to deliver secure, high-quality patient care and drive greater business efficiency. Digital transformation brings positive changes and we are continuously striving to innovate by leveraging new technologies thereby, driving down costs and improving patient outcomes in healthcare.

  • Driven by intuitive products and networked systems, the changes are infusing healthcare with a sense of immediacy, agency and personal touch that patients have always demanded
  • Electronic health records (EHR), digital imaging, e-prescription services and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are among the digital services that have been integrated into the extensive IT systems of many healthcare organizations.

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