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Front End Technologies

Front-End Technologies involve the initial process of building webpages and user interfaces for web applications. The entire process involves design, structure, behavior, and animation. The practice of Front-End development enables the creation of business concentric and intuitive user experiences. A well-prepared strategy scales web performance and defines business success.

EdgesOf has set a distinguished identity in the industry for delivering excellent IT services meeting the client’s requirements. We ensure to implement the best strategies to enhance the interaction of the user with the website and deliver excellent user experience.

Back End Technologies

Back End development is magic behind web development! Back End Technologies build and maintain the technology which powers the front end of the web application forming a backbone. The technology also helps to scale up the functioning of the user-facing part. The essential back-end development tools include web servers, local development environments, database management, collaboration services, and website performance testers.

The tech experts at EdgesOf Technologies  have the key skills in developing efficient back end frameworks with expertise in PHP, .NET, Java. We deploy the right back end technology for the client’s application and implement the right robust back end systems for delivering flawlessly functioning web and mobile applications. Our ultimate aim is to deliver end-to-end application development solutions and services ensuring optimized performance.

Middleware Technologies

Middleware software connects the network-based requests which the clients generate. The Middleware programs get used independently or together depending on the case. Implementation of Middleware Technologies is for eliminating the pain of integration as it acts as a layer between two systems which makes it easier for the systems to communicate. It acts as the glue and holds the applications together ensuring seamless connectivity without requiring direct communication. The role of Middleware Technologies is critical in the business environments that require connecting to legacy systems, business management software and Cloud and SaaS applications.

EdgesOf  delivers end-to-end Middleware services and helps the clients to make their businesses technology-driven. Our tech experts seamlessly integrate the business process and applications with the platform and help to achieve enhanced ROI with reduced TCO. We help the clients to face the challenges in this tech-driven world with our plethora of cost-effective services.

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