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Project Overview:

The IGRS project was undertaken by Microsoft in collaboration with the government as the client. The project aimed to develop a secure and controlled web-enabled IGR (Inspector General for Registration and Stamps) e-Governance Solution. The objective was to optimize services for all stakeholders, including end-users such as citizens, firms, societies, stamp vendors, and government staff. The project focused on improving service quality, facilitating ease-of-use, and enabling paperless and hassle-free operations.

Role of Mine(Kumar Vaibhav):

As the Project Manager, I was responsible for overseeing the entire project. My main responsibilities included preparing architecture and design documents, ensuring the chosen solution aligned with requirements and met performance goals, and maintaining reliability, scalability, and maintainability. The Project Manager also played a key role in developing the Firm Registration and Birth and Death modules, implementing multi-threading through the TPL (Task Parallel Library), and integrating a biometric scanner for citizen registration. They were also responsible for daily reporting to project stakeholders, managing change requests, and liaising directly with end customers to address complex business problems by designing and implementing effective technology solutions.

Team Size and Duration:

The project had a team size of 12 members, with the Project Manager leading the development and quality team. The project duration spanned from June 2014 to December 2014.

Technology Stack:

The project was developed in the following environment:

- Languages: .NET Framework 4.0, C# 4.0, ASP.NET 4.0, SSRS, MVC 5, Angular JS, WebAPI

- Database: SQL Server 2012

- Version Control: TFS (Team Foundation Server)

- Design Pattern: MVC 5, SOLID, Factory, Dependency Injection

- Tools: CLR Profiler, SQL Data Profiler, Enterprise Architect, Unity Application Block, StyleCOP

Key Contributions and Achievements:

1. Architecture and Design: The Project Manager prepared architecture and design documents to ensure the selected solution aligned with project requirements and met performance, reliability, scalability, and maintainability goals.

2. Module Development: They actively participated in the development of the Firm Registration and Birth and Death modules, implementing features and functionalities required by the stakeholders.

3. Multi-threading: The Project Manager implemented multi-threading using the Task Parallel Library (TPL) to improve application performance and responsiveness.

4. Customer Liaison: They directly interacted with end customers, investigating, analyzing, and resolving complex business problems by designing and overseeing the implementation of effective technology solutions.

5. System Design and Team Leadership: The Project Manager led system design activities, collaborating with the development team to ensure the solution met customer requirements, quality objectives, budget constraints, and project schedule.

6. Biometric Integration: They successfully integrated a biometric scanner for citizen registration, enhancing the system's security and authentication capabilities.

7. Development and Quality Management: The Project Manager served as a lead member of the development and quality team, managing the complete range of project activities, including requirement analysis, prototype development, coding, testing, and maintenance.

8. Performance Optimization: They implemented jQuery to improve application performance, ensuring faster and more efficient user interactions.

9. Reporting and Certificate Printing: The Project Manager implemented SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) for generating reports and printing certificates within the application.


The IGRS project, led by the Project Manager, aimed to develop a secure and efficient web-enabled e-Governance solution for registration and stamps. By actively contributing to the architecture and design, implementing key modules, integrating biometric technology, and leading the development and quality activities, the Project Manager played a crucial role in delivering a solution that met the requirements of all stakeholders. The successful completion of the project within the given timeframe demonstrated their effective leadership and technical expertise in managing a government domain project for Microsoft.

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